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(Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle Approved Course)

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Learner's Permit Test Online

We offer a way for you to complete your state authorized exam to get your first driver's license. Avoid unnecessary wait time standing in line at your local driver's license office and complete your exam today!
Traffic Ticket / TCAC

4-Hour Basic Driver Improvement Course

This course keeps points off your license and your insurance from increasing. Keep your safe driver status!
First Time Driver

4-Hour Drug Alcohol Traffic Awareness Course
with Online Learner's Permit Prep and DMV appointment scheduling saves you time!

This course is required for all first-time drivers before applying for a license.
Mature Driver Discount

6-Hour Florida Mature Driver Program

If you are 55 or older, take this class to receive a mandatory reduction on your insurance rate.

Attend our online class and receive the following benefits:
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  • Multiple choice and true / false questions
  • Do the course in sections....go on and off line many times
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Please read the descriptions and select the appropriate course. If you are not sure about what course you should take, please call the phone numbers listed below prior to registering.

Florida Traffic School Online (4-Hour BDI)
Florida Mature Driver Courses - $14.95
Insurance Continuing Education Books - $21.95
Delaware Defensive Driving Course
This course is approved by the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles and provides a 10% reduction in car insurance premiums for 3 years upon initial completion and a 15% reduction upon course renewal. The Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles may consider the satisfactory completion of this course as a 3-point credit when determining driver penalties. This credit is at the discretion of the Division and may vary from case to case. The course is 100% online, available for drivers of all ages, and the discount can be renewed every three years.
Washington, D.C. Defensive Driver Course - $29.95
Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course - $35.00
This course is approved by the Michigan Department of State and provided by the American Safety Council to allow you to avoid ticket points and insurance premium increases as a result of a traffic ticket. If you complete this course within 60 days of your notice from the state, your insurance company will not see your recent ticket points as part of your driving record and insurance premiums. Upon finishing the course, your completion will automatically be reported to the State of Michigan. You will also be able to download a FREE CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION when you have completed the course.
Florida Learner's Permit Exam
All first time drivers in the State of Florida are required to pass a Driver License Knowledge Exam before applying for their learner's license. This online exam is Florida DHSMV authorized to meet your written license exam requirement.
Florida Driver License Prep Course
Washington Online Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) - $19.95
OSHA Classroom
AgriLife - $195.00
Texas Seller-Server Course - $14.95
Tennessee Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course - $19.95
If you are at least 55 years of age and hold a current Tennessee Drivers License, complete this Tennessee Department of Safety approved 8-Hour Mature Driver Accident Prevention Course at your convenience and receive a premium reduction of up to 15% on your automobile insurance for three years.
Texas Driver Education for Adults - $57.00
If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 and want to get your driver license in the State of Texas, you need to complete our Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation approved Texas Driver Education Course. Our course allows you to complete your Texas Driver License requirement 100% online. Simply provide the state-issued completion certificate you receive in the mail from us when applying for your license at your local DPS. Fill out the registration form below to get started!
Texas Parent Taught Driver Education Course - $99.00
Tennessee Online Traffic School - $44.95
Our Department of Safety Approved 4-Hour Tennessee Online Traffic School Course will help you meet your traffic school requirement if you have been court-ordered to remove a violation. If your court has allowed or required you to complete 4-hour traffic school to dismiss a traffic ticket, please fill out the form below to get started. Check with your individual court to see if this course meets your traffic violation dismissal requirement.
Georgia Driving Record
Ohio Driver Education Course
Florida Business Guide - $8.95
The most comprehensive resource to find everything you need to run a business in the State of Florida!
Oklahoma Driver Education Course - $69.00
Bulk Course Registration - $125.00
AAA How to Drive Course - $24.95
Texas Online Drivers Ed
Administrative Fees - $2.95
Florida 8 Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement - $60.00
If the court or a judge has ordered you to take a traffic class, then the Florida 8 Hour Judge Ordered course is for you! Simply register for the course and start immediately. Please note: this course is NOT for the 8 Hour Driving While License Suspended Course or the 8 Hour Aggressive Driving Course.
Florida Driving Record
Idaho Point Reduction Class - $15.00
If you have an Idaho Driver's license OR have received points on your Idaho driving record, then the 6 Hour defensive driving (point reduction) course is for you! A driver who successfully completes this course is able to receive a three-point reduction from his/her driving record. Idaho residents can choose to attend a defensive driving course once every 3 years.
First Time Driver (D.A.T.A.)
Advanced Driver Improvement
If your Florida driver's license has been suspended for too many points (i.e., a point suspension for 12 Points/12 Months, 18 Points/18 Months or 24 Points/36 Months per s. 322.27(3) (a),(b) or (c), F.S. respectively), revoked as an Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) under s. 322.264, F.S., or, if you were ordered to attend a 12-Hour ADI course by a judge per s. 322.291(1)(c), F.S., then the 12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) is for you!

By taking the course, you will meet the educational requirements for reinstatement of your driver's license. This course is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.
Texas Online Safe Motorist Course - $19.95
Missouri 8 Hour Driver Improvement Program (DIP) - $19.95
According to Section 302.302, Missouri Revised Statutes, you are eligible for staying the assessment of points (point reduction) against your driving record for any ticket once every 36 months upon satisfactory completion of this course. This course must be completed within 60 days of the date of the violation to be eligible for point reduction benefits.


1. Persons who received a ticket while operating a motorcycle must complete a Department-approved motorcycle rider training course to receive point reduction.

2. Persons who possess a Commercial Driver License (CDL) are excluded from completing this course for point reduction purposes per Section 302.202 Missouri Revised Statutes.

Fleet Driver Program - $19.95
Our Fleet Driver Program addresses the reliable and safe operation of a company vehicle by providing instruction in the following elements of the driving task, which are applicable to all drivers regardless of vehicle type:
  • Traffic coordination
  • Rule compliance
  • Speed control
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Vehicle maneuvering
  • Hazard identification and observation
  • Vehicle position control
  • Vehicle systems operation and monitoring
According to U.S. Department of Labor statistics, motor vehicle collisions accounted for 43% of all occupational fatalities. Implementation of our program can serve to reduce the financial and on-the-job consequences of a corporate vehicle collision. By providing valuable education, your firm emphasizes the importance of responsible vehicle operation, thereby reducing the likelihood of exposure of a company and its employees to the difficulties associated with vehicular crashes.
Driver Performance Analysis System - DPAS - $14.95
DPAS diagnostic data can be used as an accurate evaluator of a driver's knowledge and skills. A two-phase driver performance measurment and analysis program that can be used for new-hire evaluation, on-going training, incident or accident retraining. Nationally recognized program created by Jack K. Weaver Ph. D., ADSI.
Virginia 8-Hour Computer Based Driver Improvement Clinic - $34.00
If you are a Virginia driver ordered by the DMV or a court to take a driver improvement course, want to earn 5 safe driving points, would like an insurance discount, or you would just like to learn more about safe driving practices, then this 8-hour course is for you! If you are younger than 20 years of age or hold a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), you are not eligible to complete a computer-based course in Virginia. If you enter your date of birth incorrectly, your completion information will not be posted to your driving record, therefore; if you are DMV directed, your clinic requirement will not be satisfied. If you are court-ordered, check with your particular court to see if it accepts computer-based courses. Also, the court will decide if you qualify for the safe driving points, and insurance discounts will not apply. If you need to take this course for the DMV, you must complete it within 90 days. Students who qualify (not Court- or DMV-ordered) may choose the safe driving points OR the insurance discount, but not both.
Georgia Online Safe Motorist Course (MDC) - $19.95
Safe Motorist Course for GEICO Customers - $6.95
Georgia 30-Hour Driver Education Course
Occupational Safety and Health Standards Courses
Safe Motorist Course
Note: The American Safety Council's Safe Motorist course has not yet been approved by this state. However, this course may still satisfy a speeding ticket or court requirement you have. It may also qualify you for an insurance discount. Please contact your individual court or auto insurance company to verify.
30-Hour Driver Education Course
First Time Driver Drug and Alcohol Course - $24.95
Note: The American Safety Council's First Time Driver course has not yet been approved by this state. However, this course may still satisfy a speeding ticket or court requirement you have. It may also qualify you for an insurance discount. Please contact your individual court or auto insurance company to verify.
New York IPIRP
Colorado 30-Hour Driver Education Course - $29.95
If you are ready to get your Colorado Driver Permit, then this class is for you! By taking the class, you will meet your driver education requirement as stipulated in Colorado law 42-2-106 and be able to receive your driving permit at the age of 15 upon completion of your permit exam at your local DMV. Your certificate will be accepted as meeting your driver education requirement for up to 6 months after completion.
Texas Online Defensive Driving Course by the American Safety Council
New Jersey Defensive Driving Course
When you complete the New Jersey Safe Motorist defensive driving course:
  • Two points will be removed from the accumulated points currently on your driver license (N.J.S.A. 39:5-30.9).
  • You qualify for a mandatory insurance rate reduction. Contact your insurance company for the amount of your reduction.
  • The MVC will only recognize a defensive driving course once every five years for point reduction (N.J.S.A. 39:5-30.9).
Texas Driving Record - $24.95
New Jersey Mature Driver Course - $15.95
California Internet Traffic Safety Course
This California Traffic School course is approved in all counties in California. To be eligible for this course, you must meet the following conditions:
  • Do not have a commercial drivers license
  • Have not dismissed a citation from your driving record in the last 18 months (calculated from citation/violation date, not class attendance date)
  • Traffic Citation must be a 1-point violation (courts are prohibited from sending drivers with 2-point violations to traffic school)
    California Mature Driver Program - $19.95
    This course is approved by the State of California and provided by the American Safety Council. Take this online course and receive a mandatory insurance discount for 3 years per California Insurance Code (Section 11628.3). Please contact your insurer to determine the amount of your discount.
    Nevada Basic Driver Improvement
    North Dakota Basic Driver Improvement - $9.95
    This course is approved by the North Dakota State Highway Patrol. Drivers who take this 100% online, state-approved insurance reduction course become eligible for an insurance discount that is valid for two years. Please contact your car insurance provider for the amount of your discount.
    Arizona Safe Motorist Defensive Driving Course
    Certificate Expedite - $4.95
    OSHA Standards Books - $24.95

    American Safety Council